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Boring long days of gathering, with lots of powerpoint speeches, will soon be forgotten! Sport, excursion, game, creative activity: these are the new types of Team Building!

The Team Building defines a combination of activities that looks for forming  teams and improves relationships within a group. Team building can be organised during a seminar for example. It is organized with the request of a director, of the general management, or by human resources so that new employees can integrate more easily or to strengthen the teams. Businesses, administrations or associations can also enjoy Team Building. The participants are for the majority employees, sometimes the participants are collaborators.

There are several types of Team Building, as well as athletic, creative, pedagogical and unusual Team Building as well as Live Escape Game. Indeed, there are many kinds of Team Building and each type has its own objectives.

Now, let’s focus on the goals of the Team Building Escape Game. Well, one of the objectives is to make an experience by immersion, that is to say that the participants will be immersed in a specific world, thanks to the professionals who will accompany you and thanks to the very realistic decorations.

In fact, participants will be more dedicated doing the activity. Indeed, the fact that it is a clock game brings a positive level of stress.

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Here is a list to see the benefits of the escape game on team building:

  • improving communication between emplyees
  • improving the management of stress
  • optimize teamwork (and then promote solidarity)
  • concretely find the pros and cons of each employee (leadership, negotiation, consensus…)
  • know how your team works (what role they have between them, how they communicate?)
  • spend a moment of rest to air the spirit (even if it is not the ultimate goal)

To conclude, the escape game seems to be one of the best Team Building that exists, first by its comfortable side, since it is an activity for all audiences, no matter age, nor physical condition. In addition, contrary to most Team Building, Escape Games are more accessible, there is no need to travel. It is also an indoor activity, so you can enjoy that activity at any time of the year. The only flaw of Escape Games is that you can’t make a single room again. However, the multitude of rooms that exist makes it possible to redo other rooms.

With Xcape your employees will come together to solve problems, that’s teamwork!

Are you ready to go?


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