What is an escape room?

A lot of people knows what is an escape room, but do they know where comes from this game? Discover its history!

Escape Room o Escape Game, the origins

It is a game “real size”, a new type of leisure you can do with your friends, your family, your company or for a first date…Actually, you are locked in a room and you have to solve enigmas, puzzles, find codes that close safes … Indeed, it is a game against the clock that will make you use your logic, your speed and above all your team spirit. In addition, you are fully immersed in a very specific universe, thanks to the atypical decoration of the rooms that can be very diverse… The multitude of rooms proposed will meet your expectations. The game masters will be here to explain the development of the game, and if you need any help during the game.

What is an escape room, a little bit of history…

Let’s go back to these origins. This game, comes all straight from Asia (and not from the United States), more precisely from Japan! ¡ The game was born a little over 15 years ago now! And it knows an international success that concerns all types of people (children, students, retired people).  Thus, the escape game has its origin from a video game. “Point and Click”, game where we should aim and click (from where the name “Point and Click”). Indeed, you have a screen in front of you and you can choose several actions you want to perform and click. In fact, the character can carry his search for clues and solve riddles. The creator of the live escape game wanted to make us participate in this game, integrating us in the scenery.

So, the live escape room is the adaptation of this video game: it is in 2008 that the first company of Escape Room appears in Japan, called SCRAP. The phenomenon becomes continental, and it spreads to Europe at the beginning of 2010 and now to all parts of the world. Budapest (Hungary) is known to be the pioneer city of live escape room in Europe. In 2011, Attila Gyurkovics created an Escape Room, Parapark, with the aim to create a new teambuilding activity, thinking to have invented a new concept but… I didn’t know that this kind of fun already existed and was already very developed in Asia! After the great success of this Parapark, the founder wanted to settle in Spain. Parapark opened its first room in Spain in Madrid in 2013.

Some numbers to summarize:

Spain has more than 750 Escape Room companies with more than 1600 rooms. Furthermore, Barcelona is the country’s leading city with more than 200 escape room.  To conclude, thanks to these figures Spain is the leader of escape rooms in Europe.

Now as you know all about what is an escape room, it’s time to play!



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